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Socially Conscious

Time To Bloom

Recently, my life felt like an hourglass that had ceased to move. Ideas and inspiration were stuck at the top, bottle-necked, waiting to flow to the next level. What does it take to get unstuck?

A shake, a jiggle, an inversion?


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Holistic Wellness, Socially Conscious

The Art of Busy

Everyone is busy these days. Ask someone that you haven’t seen in a while how they’ve been and most likely they will say “oh, I have been so busy.” It’s like a modern-day art, an expected way of life.  With the dawn of “the busy life” new words or phrases have made their debut to set a balance to the “crazy busy.” Self-care and earthing are two that come to mind. Self-care isn’t a new phrase as many view this as something you do for yourself, such as- getting a manicure or going for a walk. However, true self-care is something rarely practiced by many of us. Taking the time to truly slow down, to breathe, to focus, to simply do nothing. It is a practice to consciously do nothing.
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