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The Mystical Whispers of the Autumn Garden

The demure embrace of Summer is felt as it takes a final bow and beckons Autumn to gracefully dance in. Many of the plants in the garden are now flourishing in their final glory as the seasons begin to transition. It’s a cycle of regeneration, not one of dying. A circle of life that continues with the promise of a seed. A promise that whispers hope of new life beginning. A new life, a new dream, that welcomes the sweet sustenance of our physical, mental, and spiritual being. The trifecta of true holistic wellness.  Continue Reading

Environmentally Friendly

As summer gently bows out….

Tomato plants still producing

the first kiss of fall is felt. While we are still having hot days, the air is changing. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn yellow and the garden is slowing down. Although the tomatoes will continue to ripen until October, many of the flowers are drying up.

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