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Have you ever been greenwashed?

In the past, I have written about greenwashing. It’s a term that became common when the push for more environmentally friendly products came about. According to, greenwashing is “a superficial or insincere display of concern for the environment that is shown by an organization”.

So I have a confession to make. And this isn’t one of my Time To Come Clean posts.

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Environmentally Friendly

Water wise washing

As the drought in California continues, residents are being encouraged to make every effort to reduce water consumption. In the past, greywater systems were not legal in California, however,  it is actually being encouraged now. Greywater systems are simple to set up and allow homeowners to reuse water that may otherwise go down the drain, or into your septic! In most households,greywater that is collected comes from the washing machine. An average washing machine uses 40-45 gallons of water per load (standard top load style washer) and HE machines use an average 14-25 gallons of water per load. Multiply that by how many loads of laundry you do in a week… adds up!
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