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Overlord of Information

It was roughly 18 years ago that I took my first steps towards my journey of healthy living. It was a challenge to find information as I didn’t have a computer to do internet research. I bought some books, watched documentaries, made phone calls, and visited the library a few times. But I still needed more, I had so many questions. I wanted to know “why”. Why were certain chemicals detrimental to our health, why was the quality of our food declining, why were certain foods “bad” for us, and what did that even mean?

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Use your own brain…

…put some mileage on it!  My dad, a lifelong martial artist recently promoted to Grandmaster, always tells the students at our martial arts school this. I can proudly say we are a martial arts family. My dad has always instilled old school values in us and does the same with the students.

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