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It’s Earth Gypsy Evie’s 3 Year Anniversary!

It was three years ago, this month, that I wrote my first blog post for Earth Gypsy Evie. However, this wasn’t my first site. In 2005, I created my first website, Evie’s Earth, with the intention of sharing information about healthy holistic living. I maintained this site for several years and then decided to start a blog instead. This new blog was created in May 2010. It never went further than being created- life was busy, the time wasn’t right, and the virtual cobwebs decided to take over. Continue Reading

Top 17 Earth Promises for 2017

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t really my thing, I prefer to live in the present. It’s a positive act to set the intention and there is much to benefit from such achievements. However, I often see resolutions as ideas that someone sees as a far-off and perhaps even unattainable long term goal. So, in my opinion, set those intentions, but live in the now at the same time. Make those changes today, even if it’s a small one. Continue Reading

Green Inspiration

What inspires you? Sometimes that is an easy question to answer, and other times not so much. Inspiration comes to us at any time, moment or place. Often not even asking to be inspired, rather it is just dropped on us like a summer rain storm- unexpected, yet very welcome.

Continue Reading