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The Enchanting Summer Garden

The enchantment of a summer garden. Maybe it’s a community garden, a few potted plants on a front porch, or a vegetable garden worthy of a farmer’s market. Regardless of the size of the garden, there is a spark of magic in even the tiniest plot of soil. The unsurpassed beauty of the mystical dance that happens between flora and fauna. The garden beckons, in its own unique voice, for us to practice mindfulness.

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It’s Earth Gypsy Evie’s 3 Year Anniversary!

It was three years ago, this month, that I wrote my first blog post for Earth Gypsy Evie. However, this wasn’t my first site. In 2005, I created my first website, Evie’s Earth, with the intention of sharing information about healthy holistic living. I maintained this site for several years and then decided to start a blog instead. This new blog was created in May 2010. It never went further than being created- life was busy, the time wasn’t right, and the virtual cobwebs decided to take over. Continue Reading

Mindful gardening

Even though it was over 20 years ago, I have a distinct memory of one of my Tae Kwon Do masters reminding us to “tend our own garden and not waste our time looking over the fence at the neighbors garden.” At the time, as we understood, it was with the intention of encouraging our group of testing students to work on our own training. Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why Children Embrace a Holistic Lifestyle Better Than Adults

It’s no secret that children are prone to living less inhibited than most adults. This becomes more apparent during the summer months. Why is it that children seem to live more holistically than adults? Ironically, the average child has no idea what the word holistic even means. They are just being, just living, embracing a set of living ideas that’s a distant memory for most adults. What are some ways that children naturally live more holistically?

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Third floor, please.

In the past few months, there have been several occasions where I have been in a situation that I needed to give an *elevator pitch. Although it shouldn’t feel awkward, it’s often the case for me. I have what I refer to as a predisposition to a genetic humbleness. Talking about myself or putting myself out there doesn’t always feel comfortable. And then, more often than not, I have others telling me that I need to put myself out there more.
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Clean Eatin’

Every year EWG releases their updated list of produce that contain the highest and lowest levels of pesticide residues. They call it the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen. Although, there are more than twelve items that fall into the high residue category, only the top twelve are listed.
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Harmony Within

It was one of those moments when time becomes irrelevant. My senses felt blocked to anything outside of the current task. With an inkling of doubt and a slight hesitation, I proceeded to strike as hard as I could. Or at least I thought I did. The brick sat there, staring at me. I looked up and at that very moment, I realized I had to go through with this. In front of me sat the master, several instructors and fellow students looking on. As I was given the motion to try again, a voice came into my head….”mind, body, spirit.” It was my dad’s voice, with three simple words that had set an anchor to what I now needed to do. I collected my thoughts and cleared my mind. This time there was no try….I broke it. The year was 1994 and I had just tested for my black belt (1st Dan) in Tae Kwon Do.   Continue Reading

For the Gratitude of Guinea Pigs

I am totally and completely against animal testing in any way, however, over the years, my family members have been my Guinea Pigs. Many times knowingly, but others not. At some point they gave up asking “what is this made of?” or “what type of product does this replace?”. Now they just smile and approach, ever so cautiously.


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