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Healthy Juice Recipes for Liver Detox

Juice detoxes are quite popular these days. From the simple do-it-yourself recipes to the more structured programs. For the most part, the end goal is the same- to detox the body. Our bodies are constantly detoxing, our bodily functions are proof of this. However, there are times where we may need to facilitate the process. For this, juice detoxes are a great way to achieve this goal. Of course, there are dietary changes, supplements and many other methods of detoxing the body.  And quite often, a combination of all methods is utilized for optimal results. Continue Reading

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Silly Saturday!

Rutabaga…. prior to meeting the Vitamix.

It’s true….googly eyes do make everything better. Our weekly CSA box is delivered on Saturdays and it’s always fun to see the variety of fruits and vegetables. Each of my children have their own favorites that they look forward to with each season. We make an effort to eat foods that are in season, however there are certain items that are in high demand at our home, so we buy them throughout the year.

I often get asked how I get my kids to eat their veggies. Simple, just have them available. I don’t agree with “hiding” veggies, unless you want your children to question every food item you make!
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