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How to make your own seasonings

The herbs grown in my garden are used for both culinary and medicinal preparations. There are times that I may need to purchase some as supply doesn’t meet demand. This is often the case for basil, an herb that I use almost daily in recipes. Over the years I have been able to roughly estimate how much we use during the winter months. So with that in mind, while I harvest and dry what’s growing in the garden, I also order fresh basil from my CSA to supplement the harvest. Continue Reading

Real Food With Real Plans

Meal planning is an overwhelming concept to many people. As a matter of fact, clients have shared with me that planning and organizing meals are the biggest challenges they face while making dietary changes. For some, a dietary change is simply to embrace foods that are more nourishing or to try something new. While for others, it can be a complete nutritional overhaul that encompasses a total lifestyle change. Sometimes this is due to health issues or even in an effort to avoid certain conditions. So the question always comes down to- I know what I am supposed to eat, but how do I get organized? And, how do I find a variety of recipes that suit my needs? Time is precious, no one wants to spend hours on the internet trying to find a recipe. Conversely, making the “same thing” week after week isn’t fulfilling, to say the least.

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Healthy Juice Recipes for Liver Detox

Juice detoxes are quite popular these days. From the simple do-it-yourself recipes to the more structured programs. For the most part, the end goal is the same- to detox the body. Our bodies are constantly detoxing, our bodily functions are proof of this. However, there are times where we may need to facilitate the process. For this, juice detoxes are a great way to achieve this goal. Of course, there are dietary changes, supplements and many other methods of detoxing the body.  And quite often, a combination of all methods is utilized for optimal results. Continue Reading


It isn’t acrylic nails or acrylic paint…acrylamide. You can’t see, touch, smell or taste it. So what is it? Continue Reading


Many know what greenwashing is.

And in case you don’t… defines greenwashing  as superficial or insincere display of concern for the environment that is shown by an organization.


So, what is “sweetwashing”? In my own words…sweetening up something by making it seem like it is a better choice without regards to potential health risks. Ok, so I made up that word. Although the true reality is that as consumers, we are being sweetwashed on a daily basis.

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Pomegranate Power

Pomegranates were very likely the first cultivated fruit in ancient times. World wide, references to pomegranates can be seen in images and shared throughout cultural traditions.

Pomegranates ripen in the fall and are typically harvested from September through February in the Northern Hemisphere. They offer a variety of health benefits, including an abundance of three antioxidant polyphenols; tannins, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid. It’s quite possible they may even be higher in antioxidants than red wine and green tea! Additionally, pomegranates are a good source of fiber and folate, high in potassium, and are also high in Vitamins C, K and E. 

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