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Stay centered

The past season blessed us with an abundance of winter weather, and the colder temperatures graced us with some beautiful snow as well.  As the storms moved on, the warmer weather crept in.

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Holistic Wellness, Socially Conscious

The Art of Busy

Everyone is busy these days. Ask someone that you haven’t seen in a while how they’ve been and most likely they will say “oh, I have been so busy.” It’s like a modern-day art, an expected way of life.  With the dawn of “the busy life” new words or phrases have made their debut to set a balance to the “crazy busy.” Self-care and earthing are two that come to mind. Self-care isn’t a new phrase as many view this as something you do for yourself, such as- getting a manicure or going for a walk. However, true self-care is something rarely practiced by many of us. Taking the time to truly slow down, to breathe, to focus, to simply do nothing. It is a practice to consciously do nothing.
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