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Could there be coffee growing in your yard?

Did you know that a plant that belongs to the same plant family as coffee may be growing in your yard? Galium aparine, also known as cleavers, is part of the Rubiaceae family. The fruit of this plant can be harvested, then dried and roasted. Brew as you would regular coffee. However, this is a tedious process. Thankfully, there are more useful benefits to growing and harvesting this plant.
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Make a difference

Occasionally, someone shares with me the fact that they don’t watch or read the news to keep up to date on environmental issues. Continue Reading

Top 17 Earth Promises for 2017

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t really my thing, I prefer to live in the present. It’s a positive act to set the intention and there is much to benefit from such achievements. However, I often view resolutions as ideas that someone sees as a far-off and perhaps even unattainable long-term goal. Set those intentions, but live in the present at the same time. Make those changes today, even if they seem small. Continue Reading

The Glow of Wellness

It is common to equate wellness with the word glowing. People are often told they are “glowing” when they appear well, both physically and spiritually. For the better part of the past 16 years, I have put quite a lot of effort into finding and maintaining “glow” in my life and that of my loved ones. I have spent countless hours researching companies and products. The priority being organizations that offer a message that is most in line with our lifestyle choices, including organic and fair trade products. When I find such a company, I become a loyal customer and have no reservations in recommending them to others. One such company is So Well. For well over 10 years I have been a customer of theirs and later on, became an affiliate as well.      Continue Reading

The Trees Are Her Lungs

Trees are vital to our survival, it is said that the Earth “breathes” through the trees. There is a lot of truth in this as trees are nature’s oxygen factory-collecting the carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen.
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