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 Have you ever grown frustrated trying to find products that are truly natural? So many companies claim to be natural until you read the ingredients. (If they are even listed!) This is what I was faced with years ago. I wanted to find products that were safe for my family and also safe for our Earth. If this is also your quest, be it for health, ethical or environmental reasons-then this is the place for you!

Throughout my site, you will find links to a variety of sites, including, and RealPlans. These are affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and end up buying something, I earn a small commission. Your personal information is not shared with me, including what is purchased and by whom. This is at no additional cost to you and you are under no obligation to use them. Thank you for your support!

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Azure Standard 

Offering nationwide delivery, Azure Standard is the largest independent natural and organic food distributor in the country.

Read more here and you’ll see why Azure Standard is my favorite online store for non-GMO and organic foods, skincare, garden, household items and more.




Online Meal Planning


Himalayan salt lamps, salt therapy products, bath and body, and more.
So Well hand made Himalayan salt lights


Water filters




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