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This past year has taught me some incredible life lessons, especially one in gratitude. It’s not that I didn’t have gratitude before, but this was a much deeper lesson. I have always had gratitude for the people in my life, the love I experience from my loved ones, and even the material possessions that provide daily comfort in my life. This is much more than all this.



There are times where humanity is lacking…compassion, empathy and gratitude. These are words that we hear quite often- from others, in books, and from gurus, too. We are often being asked to practice these words. In a sense, they are one in the same and very different, as well. But what do they really mean? Can we express gratitude if we have never been shown it? Is empathy something we must actually teach to others? Is compassion just a tag line for being kind to others? Perhaps yes, or maybe, no. What do these terms mean to you? Do you truly practice them? Do you add conditions to these words?

I believe the simplest answer here is to practice, show and give what it is that you require, need or desire the most in your own life. In doing this, we may just realize that we truly aren’t lacking in empathy, compassion or even gratitude. As for me, I am grateful for the lessons in gratitude I was gifted this past year, regardless of how challenging it was at the moment.









A healthy planet begins with you! 

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