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Awareness for Humanity

There is a day or month for just about every disease, social and environmental issue. And for every such day or month, there is an organization poised to ask for money. Awareness days are dirty with corporate greed. So many companies pull at our heartstrings to get us to donate. These organizations encourage people to give money or buy a certain product. The irony of it all is that sometimes the companies that are advertising their support are ones that sell toxic products. Stop and think for a minute: if certain ingredients (parabens, for example) have the potential to cause or contribute to disease, then why are these companies encouraging you to buy their products to support the disease that the product can contribute to? Read about a fast food “restaurant” and their efforts to support an organization using these tactics. Makes sense, right? Sadly, profits are a big motivator. Take the time to research a company before donating and make sure their message is in line with yours. Find out what percentage is really going to the cause they are representing.



What about awareness for humanity? What if that day was everyday?


Awareness for humanity….awareness for our Mother Earth. So many turn a deaf ear and say they can’t hear, but Mother Earth is speaking to each and everyone of us. How can people be okay with polluting and not preserving our planet? Why is it so common to hear about people carelessly trashing their own environment….their own city no less.
Align your senses and your mind, the Earth is speaking to each of us. By failing to recognize this we are in turn plotting our demise. Every single species on Earth has the potential to become endangered. The Earth will evolve and adapt….will the human race?
Time to practice Awareness for Humanity. It begins with you…




A Healthy Planet Begins With You!
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