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Flower nectar isn’t red

While it’s very likely that hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, is it really necessary to feed them red dye? I think not. Artificial food dyes and coloring are not conducive to optimal health. Making your own hummingbird food is a fairly simple and cost-effective solution to the colored nectar sold in stores.


Be sure to begin with a clean hummingbird feeder and wash well in between refills. Most feeders are red or have some red coloring on them to help attract hummingbirds. If not, simply tie a red object to the feeder, such as a red ribbon. Use organic sugar whenever possible and always use clean, filtered water.Use only real sugar, no artificial or even natural substitutes. Refill the feeder weekly, and more often on hot days. Bees and ants are often attracted to the sweet solution, so be sure to clean up any spills as soon as possible.





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