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Chuck Norris kicks Roundup to the curb!

Everyone knows who Chuck Norris is. There are even jokes and memes depicting him as an untouchable martial arts tough guy. And this is all with good reason, he has carved out quite a following as a legendary all American, shoot straight from the hip, all around good-guy. I even had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Norris many years ago. He was one of the most down to earth celebrities I had ever met. He made everyone feel at ease, a true martial arts master.

This week he made an amazing statement that only added to the respect I hold for Mr. Norris.
I don’t view this as “1 point for us and 0 for Monsanto”. Rather, I see it as a push for awareness. This isn’t about putting down a corporation, it’s about doing what is best for humanity and Earth.
One can’t deny the changes happening in our ecosystems. Pesticides are now affecting bird populations.
At a certain point we need to step aside and take a look at the whole picture. This isn’t a contest as to who is right or wrong. It is about preserving our planet and its delicate ecosystems. Every living thing plays a part in keeping the balance of nature. As we are now coming to learn that even the decline of  the smallest creatures, such as a honeybee or butterfly, can have dire consequences on our own future.
So before you go and think, “this doesn’t really have anything to do with me….” In a way you are right, the Earth will evolve to adapt, like it always has. The only issue is that we are plotting our own extinction.

Even if you aren’t a martial artist, let’s join Chuck Norris and give pesticides the boot! There are safer alternatives to pesticides and herbicides. Contact me if you would like to learn more about safer alternatives. Work with nature, instead of against it.

Remember, a healthy planet begins with you!
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