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The little peppers that could

I have a few bell pepper and jalapeno plants that still have peppers growing on them. Summer is officially over and so are the consistently warmer days. There have been a few frosts and the temperature has dropped quite a bit recently.

The tomato plants finally gave in with the last frost, I am just amazed that the peppers are still ripening.






And so my dilemma is… wait and see if the peppers ripen or do I pull the plants to make space for my winter garden?




Bell pepper….almost ready.


There is still time to plant my winter garden. So I will wait,just a little while longer. Every year, in early winter, I plant a small winter garden. It is the most carefree garden I ever maintain. I usually grow carrots and beets. This year I will be adding kale since it has been growing all summer and has really taken off in the cooler weather.

Bell pepper and Jalapeno plants.


Usually around this time of year, I remove the summer garden plants and add them to my compost pile. I then add some fresh soil, compost, and turn the soil in the garden bed. After a few days I plant seeds, water a little bit and then cover it in plastic. After securing the ends on the plastic, I make a few (small) holes on the top of the plastic. This prevents water from pooling on top of the plastic and also helps to vent the garden.
If it is a dry season, the garden may need to be watered occasionally. If it is a regular rainy and snowy winter, there is no need to water at all. The plastic is removed completely when spring brings warmer weather. There are occasionally some days before spring where the weather is warm and sunny. On such days it is a good idea to vent the garden, especially if there is a substantial amount of condensation on top of the plastic.

After the spring harvest, let the soil rest, add some compost and some more fresh soil. Remember to rotate what you are planting to maintain the health of the soil. Have you ever planted a winter garden? I would love to hear about it!

Strawberries in November.




The last strawberry of the season- picked mid-November.


Last tomatoes of the season, picked on  November 23rd.

Remember, A Healthy Planet Begins With You!
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