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Neener Neener Greener!

We all know that person….you know the one that is sicker than you when you have a virus, the one that has a better car than the one you just bought, the ones who’s life is more perfect than yours or perhaps more complicated than yours will ever be. The bottom line is there is no comparing to someone that is constantly living in competition of others.

Personally, I find people like that a nuisance. I choose to compete with myself, not with others. Although, I do have one exception!  This exception is the Neener Neener Greener one! Go ahead, be greener than me or everyone else you know! I encourage it!  In doing so, not only will you benefit, the Earth will benefit also.

Please be genuine in your approach. Don’t contradict your good choices with questionable ones. Such as using chlorine bleach when only organic laundry detergent is allowed in your home. Of course, no one is perfect and we all have to do what is doable within our limits.  There was a time when I made all of my cleaning products, including laundry soap and dishwasher soap, and most of my skin care including body scrubs, butters, shampoo and toothpaste. I still make some products, but I have found some alternatives I am very happy with. Two companies I have supported over the years are Solay Wellness and Mountain Rose Herbs. I buy my Himalayan Salt and salt lamps from Solay Wellness. Mountain Rose Herbs offers teas, herbs, oils, and butters, just to name a few.


 Make informed choices on product purchases. Do your own research, beyond what a product label or website says. Always beware of greenwashing. Don’t let “going green” stress you out, make it an enjoyable, eye opening experience. Feel free to contact me if you need some advice, as I am always willing to share my own experiences from the past 15 years.

With that being said…..I challenge you to be greener, greener than every person you know. However, if you are still spraying Round-up on your property, throwing away plastic bags instead of using reusable bags and buying GMO foods….then all bets are off!

I win……Neener Neener Greener!

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