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Cloudy with a Chance of…..

My kids love this movie, and admittedly, so do I. After watching it again the other day, a question popped into my head. Is this movie trying to make a statement for or against GMO’s? I would say, given the outcome of the machine that went crazy, it shows us the dangers of GMO’s. Messing with nature rarely gives positive results.

What are GMO’s?  Well, I don’t want to sound snide, but if you don’t know what they are, you may as well be living under a rock. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. Sounds harmless enough? NO! Why is that so many third world countries will not accept GMO seeds/products from the USA? Why are we seeing ecological disasters affecting animals, insects, water sources and plants? Why are the companies that promote GMO’s not supporting labeling genetically modified products as such? Lots of questions with very little answers. The main answer here, sadly, is money.  This is why one of the most hated companies in America is Monsanto. If you don’t know who Monsanto is, I urge you to do some research. Start with their website and read about their efforts ” to help the world” and “GMO products are safe”.

GMO’s  have not been proven for long term safety. We are just now beginning to see the effects of GMO use. Now look up March Against Monsanto, The Non-GMO Project, and Organic Consumers Association. Read what they say about GMO’s and Monsanto.

While the idea Monsanto portrays is wonderful…..feeding the planet, helping farmers and creating sustainability, there is a more insidious side to it all. At what cost are they achieving these things? I believe there is no greater cost than that of our very own planet and its inhabitants. If you really want to avoid GMO’s; buy only organic products AND support organizations that are speaking out against GMO’s, or at least support organizations that are pushing for GMO labeling.



  Biotech Is Godzilla by Sepultura 

Rio summit, ’92
Street people kidnapped
Hid from view

To save the Earth

Our rulers met
Some had other secret plans

No, no, no, no

Biotech, biotech

Biotech, say what?

Strip mine the Amazon

Of cells of life itself
Gold rush for genes is on
Natives get nothing

Biotech, biotech

Biotech is Godzilla

Mutations cooked in labs

Money mad experiments
New food and medicine?
New germs and accidents

Like Cubatao

World’s most polluted town
Air melts your face
Deformed children all around

Bio technology

Ain’t what’s so bad
Like all technology
It’s in the wrong hands

Cut throat corporations

Don’t give a damn
When lots of people die
From what they’ve made

Biotech, biotech

Biotech is A.I.D.S.?


Remember, a healthy planet begins with you!
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