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Planting the future

My kids love trees (what kid doesn’t?!). They love to climb them and play with the leaves and branches. They can spend hours outside having a great time, without any toys, playing with nature.

Today we went to the park, and my daughter picked up this…….


She was excited to plant it in the yard, in the place she and her brother had previously picked out. When we came home she went in the back yard and planted it. Then she came inside and said, “I can’t wait to climb it, it will be right next to the other tree we like to climb”. I didn’t want to ruin her excitement, but I felt I had to be honest in telling her it will be a long time before she can climb that pine tree and that it may not even be ready to climb until after she is grown. This got me to thinking….what we do today will affect our children (and future generations) either in a positive or negative way….

The Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy states that “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”


This is a great quote. More people should read this and give it some consideration. I believe this is a thought many people have when they choose to be more environmentally friendly. While many of the things we do on a daily basis may not impact us at that very moment, they may, however, demonstrate some result (either negative or positive) in the future. I challenge you to a full day (or maybe even a week) of implementing the idea from the quote into your own life. Be mindful of your every action and think of the long-term effects on our earth. Let’s work together and preserve our Earth for our future generations.

Remember, a healthy planet begins with you!

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