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Green Inspiration

What inspires you? Sometimes that is an easy question to answer, and other times not so much. Inspiration comes to us at any time, moment or place. Often not even asking to be inspired, rather it is just dropped on us like a summer rain storm- unexpected, yet very welcome.

What inspires me? I could very well likely write a book about that! Perhaps the single most thing that inspires me (besides my loved ones) is the Earth. I have a true passion  to live in harmony with our planet. Now before you go labeling me a granola crunching, tree hugging hippie…..

I believe that even the little things can make a difference. We are all residents of this beautiful planet, yet we spend more time fighting each other over what we think is “wrong or right” instead of working together. We fight over religious ideals and politics, without focusing where the real problems lie.  Our planet is in a sad state, neglected and abused, while people fail to see how pointless fighting is when we are destroying the very thing that sustains all life.


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”  ― Jane Goodall

So here is my message to you, to inspire you, not to be all doom and gloom. Yes, the situation of our planet is dire, but we can make a difference. Decide what inspires you and make that difference!

Remember, a healthy planet begins with you!

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